Skincare at 30

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Once you hit 30s, your skin experiences various changes. You may start to notice the early signs of aging, that includes pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, skin dullness, etc,. Such signs can be reversed easily if you take good care of your skin and follow certain skincare do’s and don’ts! Read below the top 6 skincare tips for women in their 30s.

Take Your CTM Routine Seriously

We have talked about the importance of having a proper CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) routine in many of our previous posts. We can, without any doubts, say that CTM is the basic skincare technique which should be followed by everyone who wants to maintain the youthfulness of their skin. You may skip using a toner if you have acne prone skin, but you should never skimp on cleansing and moisturizing part. Following both of these steps – cleansing and moisturizing twice a day is extremely crucial for your skin.

Cleansers that have Witch Hazel as a prime ingredient are the best for aging skin. Witch Hazel contains high amount of polyphenols which are micronutrients that act against the signs of aging. To know which type of moisturizer is suitable for aging skin, jump to point #2!

Banish Those Early Signs Of Aging With Anti-Oxidant Rich Products

Anti-Oxidants are the key to reverse the signs of aging! They fight the harmful free radicals which damage the skin and make it age faster. Kojic Acid – a natural by-product of fermented malting rice, is a popular ingredient that has anti-oxidant as well as anti-aging properties. Kojic Acid is the ultimate treatment for pigmentation and dullness, the two main skin issues after wrinkles which you may experience after turning 30. It cannot be used directly on the skin as it is a highly concentrated.

Our Fairness Cream comes pre-infused with the skin-benefiting properties of this excellent antioxidant, Kojic Acid. The cream also contains mulberry extract which is an another great source of polyphenol anti-oxidant. There is no need of spending thousands on all those luxurious anti-aging products out there when you can get the Debelle Fairness Cream for only Rs.158!

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Don’t Neglect Your Neck

The neck as well as the décolletage areas of our body age faster than our face. Most of us neglect these two areas while applying beauty products like a cleanser, moisturizer or serum. As a result of this negligence, the skin around that area turns darker than the skin on the rest of the body and gets wrinkly. Constant exposure to sun and zero sun protection can too be a reason behind such things.

“Skin on the neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands than facial skin, making it drier and slower to heal from sun damage,” tell Dr. Menendez. Hence, whenever you are applying an SPF moisturizer on your face, don’t forget about the skin on your neck and décolletage!Use a generous amount of the Debelle Fairness Cream which keeps your skin protected from harsh UV rays with the SPF of 20.

Avoid Consuming White Sugar 

Ava Shamban, MD, Dermatologist from Laser Institute for Dermatology and Skincare, California says – “White sugar speeds up the aging process by binding to and eventually weakening the collagen in your skin, which can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging.”

You may substitute honey or brown sugar for white sugar if you have got a sweet tooth! This change will keep your overall health in check. You will notice its positive effects on your skin as well.

Don’t Stress

Chronic stress makes you look much older than you actually are and this fact is medically proven! No amount of makeup can cover the under eye bags, acne and fine lines that stress gives to your face. Stress also causes the premature greying of hair. So don’t take stress, eat healthy, get enough sleep everyday and stay happy!

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Groom Your Eyebrows

While eyebrows are not exactly a skin related issue, they are still a very important feature of your face. Bold and well-groomed eyebrows can knock years off your age as they help to frame and lift your face – giving you a youthful appearance. If you have thin or sparse eyebrows, then castor oil might be of help for you! Dilute a few drops of castor oil with some carrier oil and apply it daily before going to bed. Your eyebrows will start to look fuller in no time!

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