DeBelle Fairness Talc – 100g


DeBelle Fairness Talc has unique benefits of Pearl Dust, for smooth and even skin tone. It helps to brighten skin, keep you refreshed all day long. It also contains Menthol and Turmeric oil, which has effective anti- bacterial properties and also promotes skin radiance.

The goodness of Turmeric oil in the Talcum powder will moisturize and protect  your skin. It is most effective in summers to keep you dry, since it absorbs moisture very well. The fragrance of DeBelle fairness talc is very soothing and refreshing and makes you smell refreshed throughout.

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Features & Ingredients


Absorbs oil and moisture

Fairness talc with Pearl Dust, Menthol and Turmeric extract.

Nourishes, refreshes and give magic glow.

Improves complexion, also has anti-pigmentation and anti-tanning properties.

Oil-free, Non tested on animals



 Menthol:Menthol’s ability to produce a cooling sensation on the skin ,it is designed to refresh, revitalize, and enliven the skin.

Pearl dust:Pearl Powder helps to even out skin tone and smoothen skin making you look radiant and youthful.

Turmeric oil:It is an anti oxidant rich ingredient, being used in the cosmetic industry since many centuries, making it a critical essential in the Indian Ayurveda, for diet and topical application. It’s main features of being   good antibacterial and antifungal agents, helps to protect your skin from any germ causing bacteria caused by perspiration. It also serves to provide a radiant, lighter skin tone , along with giving good moisturizing effect for the skin


                  Menthol                                                        Pearl Dust                                                Turmeric oil


How to use

DeBelle Fairness Talc can be used after application of a cream to set the cream on the face, and can be used as body talc as well.  For face, the talc can be applied using a powder puff or a brush, which helps to eliminate any excess powder on face to prevent any white patchy look. For best result use the talc after DeBelle Fairness cream for an even skin tone and refreshing feel. .

Apply after shower. Ideal for daily use for both men and woman

Store in a cool and dry Place.

Additional information

Weight( grams)

100g, 400g